Writing & Editorial

Writing & Editorial Services

Good writing is key to spreading your messages and getting your work noticed. 

Maybe you're looking for help writing an annual report or proposal, an op-ed, or a new blog series for your website—or perhaps you're just looking for an extra set of eyes to make sure your writing is clear and concise. I offer a variety of writing and editing services to make sure your digital content, publications, and presentations look their best. 


Website Content

Posting regular, shareable web content will get your work noticed. I can help you to identify your key messages and expand the range of content on your website with event-related think pieces, relevant blog posts, theme-based blog series, and accompanying infographics. 


Op-eds are a powerful way to spread your messages and engage partners. I can help you to write and place op-eds in national, international, and online media outlets. 


Newsletters can help keep your members, partners, and donors up to speed on your program activities. I can help you identify key audiences, and write and design regular newsletters for your program. 

Editorial Services

Ensuring that your reports and web content have clear narratives and perfect grammar can make a big difference when it comes to relaying key messages and program successes.