Strategic Communications

Strategic Communications


You've got solid research, a dedicated staff, and impactful programs—and you want the world to know.

A comprehensive communications strategy works across a variety of platforms to highlight your successes and increase opportunities for collaboration with partners and donors. I can work to support existing teams around major events and campaigns, or to help you build your strategies from the ground up.


Digital Communications 

Knowing how to effectively use websites and social media platforms is key to spreading your messages, making partners and donors aware of your work, and identifying opportunities for collaboration. I will work with you to implement bespoke short- and long-term digital communications plans that will help to establish your organization as a leader in its field. 

Dissemination Toolkits

Even the clearest messages sometimes need a little help to be spread properly. A good dissemination toolkit will incorporate compelling imagery and a clear timeline, giving your team a step-by-step guide to spreading the most important information about your organization through social networks, digital channels, and traditional media. 

Event Communications

Are you looking for some additional capacity in preparation for a major event or project launch? I can support you in agenda planning, presentation planning and design, press outreach, and more.