Highlights from my recent projects are below. Please click here to access a PDF of my extended employment history.  


Freelance Communications Consultant

April 2017-Present

Since April 2017, I have been working as a freelance communications and editorial consultant. My work has included:

  • General Communications: Directing messaging, drafting communications plans, and designing digital communications toolkits for the dissemination of messages and infographics. Projects have included the Year 6/End-of-Project Report for the Management Sciences for Health Leadership, Management, and Governance (MSH/LMG) Project and the American Society for Microbiology (ASM) 2016 Global Impact Report.
  • Editorial Consulting: Writing, substantive editing, and copy editing of reports, graphics, one-pagers, and promotional materials. Recent projects include copy editing and layout for the Uganda National TB Survey Report; writing and substantive editing for the MSH/LMG End-of-Project report; and substantive editing of annual country activity reports for Oxford Business Group.
  • Design and Layout: Design and layout of print publications, infographics, and sharegraphics. Recent projects have included designing graphics for a takeover of the Politico homepage for the Mars, Inc. Sustainable in a Generation Plan, and designing infographics for the ASM Global Impact Report.

Communications Specialist

The Global Nutrition Report

May 2016-April 2017
Washington, DC, USA

The Global Nutrition Report (GNR) is the first annual stocktake of the state of the world's nutrition. It focuses on the progress made toward achieving global nutrition targets, as well as on the gaps that still need to be filled. As the Communications Specialist, I was based at the International Food Policy Research Institute (then the GNR Secretariat) in Washington, DC. My work included:

  • Shaping key messages for the 2016 GNR, which were disseminated over social media and through press outreach, with the help of a digital toolkit
  • Posting content to the GNR website (a Wordpress-based platform) and working with developers to plan a website upgrade
  • Working with an international team of nutrition experts to launch the 2016 GNR in six cities in June 2016
  • Managing GNR social media accounts using Tweetdeck and performing analytics using TweetReach
  • Writing and editing op-eds, promotional materials, and blog posts for publication and distribution in print and online

Senior Communications Associate/Health Editor

Management Sciences for Health

September 2014-May 2016
Arlington, VA, USA

Management Sciences for Health is a global nonprofit organization that works with leaders around the world to tackle pressing public health issues like malaria, tuberculosis, and HIV/AIDS. I worked within the Pharmaceuticals and Health Technologies Group to support the Systems for Improved Access to Pharmaceuticals and Services (SIAPS) Program. My work included: 

  • Writing and editing blog posts, success stories, case studies, and technical briefs on global health systems interventions
  • Editing proposals, abstracts, and posters for presentation
  • Managing all website updates and social media outreach for SIAPS Program
  • Implementing communications campaigns related to technical themes and key health events
  • Designing publications, posters, and web graphics

Communications Manager

The Center for Disease Dynamics, Economics, and Policy (CDDEP)

October 2013-September 2014
Washington, DC, USA

Based in Washington, DC, and New Delhi, the Center for Disease Dynamics, Economics, and Policy (CDDEP) uses research to inform better decision-making in health policy. CDDEP covers regional and global issues on three continents, with its major focus being on antimicrobial resistance and infectious diseases like malaria and tuberculosis. As the Communications Manager, my work included:

  • Writing and editing blog posts, op-eds, press releases, promotional materials, and interviews for publication on the CDDEP website and online
  • Managing website content and social media presence
  • Promoting CDDEP research in the media by maintaining regular contact with reporters and placing op-eds
  • Drafting weekly newsletters for more than 3000 subscribers
  • Monitoring media coverage (including social media metrics and staff interviews) for quarterly communications reports
  • Training and supervising a communications intern, and delegating communications activities to other staff members