About Me

Helping global health and development organizations find their voice. 


About Me

I believe in the power of good organizations to improve health, stability, and economic development around the world. My goal is to help these organizations spread their messages with a coordinated social media and web presence, well-designed publications, and strategic press outreach.

After earning my B.A. from American University in Washington, D.C., I spent five years working as a writer and editor in Austria, Germany, and Turkey. Once I decided that my heart was in health policy, I hopped off the continent to the U.K. to study at University College London, eventually writing my Master's dissertation on the implementation of rational medicine use policy in Turkey. I then returned to D.C. to work in communications for a number of nonprofit global health programs before making the move to full-time freelancing in early 2017.

I am a fan of cats, violin-centric rock music, and the Oxford comma.